Successful turnaround of procurement

Global Shipbuilding

In 2008, Royal IHC’s engineering and production departments were predominantly Dutch. There was an urging need for international expansion, but the route was quite unpopular. A team of three people started to work on development of international production and engineering. This resulted in the successful outsourcing, management and turnkey delivery of many dredging and offshore vessels. These were delivered in China, India, Croatia and Bulgaria and lead to satisfied clients and excellent company results.

After five years of successfully leading the international shipbuilding, it was time to take the next step. The goal was to lead the complete dredging division and ultimately, all global shipbuilding activities. Restructuring, integrating business units and reorganizing the business heavily featured this period. It had to be transformed into an efficient and effective global shipbuilding operation, managing a portfolio of, on average, 20 shipbuilding and dredging installation projects and 1500+ employees around the globe. Key to the success of all activities: setting clear expectations and goals, resolute decision making and managing for result, without losing focus on the human element.

“Fer has been a key member of my team in different roles for almost 8 years. He is very knowledgeable in a wide range of fields: in depth for international shipbuilding and related processes, procurement and subcontracting strategies and execution and business development in large project organizations dealing with capital goods. Fer is an ambitious person, who sets high goals for the organization & pushing his employees to deliver. Integrity and focus on results are key words in describing his performance. His specific qualities can be found in turn-around management using his ability to build a hand-picked team to get the job done.”

Bram Roelse

CEO at Royal IHC

Restructuring & Reorganization
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Disentanglement after M&A

Strategic Risk Management

In the late nineties, risk management was still a fairly new concept in many businesses. Today, it is an integral part of daily management in many places. Growing its risk management services, PwC supported its clients not only by performing internal audits and risk assessments. PwC was also discussing new ways for controlling risks and using the results to get deeper insights.

A tailored approach to meet the clients’ needs went hand in hand with actual execution of assignments. Quite a demanding setting! A great example of an approach both valuable and practical: actual crisis simulations with the management of a company. Simply letting management experience what could go wrong in a crisis and afterwards sitting down to learn and prepare was extremely valuable.

"Fer is a very committed professional with very strong analytical skills and an open mind for new things. He is a quick learner with a human touch and eye for the environment he is operating in. Overall, he has broadly developed business skills with enough depth to be successful in many jobs. Surely, somebody you want to have in your team!"

Marcel Prinsenberg

Senior Director at PwC Netherlands

Risk Assessment
Internal Audit
Crisis Simulation

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