We help to organize for project success

Most companies execute projects, whether it is their core business or a means to improve or adapt to an ever changing environment. Very often, these projects fall short in delivery of expected results. Budget overruns, late delivery, poor quality or even not delivering results at all. At Command F, we understand that managing complex projects can be difficult and demanding. However, we see these situations as opportunities and believe that well organized projects will lead to a successful business.

Command F is passionate about projects and about combining our technical, business and project skills to help technology driven companies improve and achieve project success. We believe it is all about organizing for success: vision-team-results. Our full commitment to our project-based work has led to exceed expectations and guarantees results.

Command F

"Well organized projects will lead to a successful business"

A good project start is the key to success

Understanding the project goals, the key results, the business case and the project environment combined in the translation of this understanding into a solid strategy and plan. This sounds easy but often proofs to be very challenging. Command F can support your organization in the strategy and plan development and in the successful implementation and execution to achieve actual results.

Command F can support your organization to organize for success with:
- Negotiation and (sub)contracting
- Risk management and stakeholder analysis
- Rapid plan development (war gaming)
- Plan implementation and monitoring
- Crisis management
- Reorganizing a running project

Build a winning team

The number one thing that a project manager can influence, is the forming of his project team. Getting the right balance between content knowledge, project experience and soft skills in your team is another key success factor for every project. Shaping this group of individuals into a winning team will be the differentiator when problems and setbacks occur.

Command F can support and improve your organization and projects and deliver tangible results. Our approach is based on our experience in complex international projects and tailormade, combining: consulting, coaching, training and interim management.