Face the challenge

The business world is ever changing. Companies face new challenges every day and survival means adaptation. Adapting to change often leads to realizing cost savings or expanding internationally. At Command F, we understand that adapting to change can be demanding. However, we see these situations as opportunities and believe they can lead to successful business results.

Command F is highly experienced in C-level positions in industrial and maritime companies. Our core belief is that successful leadership is about a clear vision, building a team and generating results. All these elements must be right in order to make a meaningful change in your company. Our full commitment to our project-based work has led to exceed expectations and guarantees results.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

"Plans are nothing, planning is everything"

Steer through the storms

A changing environment forces organizations to adapt quickly. The first step is to get a solid grip on processes and projects. In crises, you are often forced to demonstrate leadership and take unpopular measures. Command F has both the perseverance and the know-how to deal with reorganizations and implementing new strategies.

Restructuring your company is a delicate process. We always highly value integrity, and put special emphasis hereon during these difficult times. During the process, we will handle your business with care, and we are also keen on results. Command F does not shy away from making unpopular decisions and stepping up. By keeping our head cool and making fact-based decisions, we can steer your company into smoother waters.

Growth & Scaling challenge

Fengxian, the Chinese word for risk, means both threat and opportunity. Your current business opportunities can be a threat. This can be difficult: a lot of companies struggle to survive in times of economic prosperity. It is a challenge to achieve growth, keep your customers satisfied and adapt your organization to a new economic reality.

At Command F, we believe it is extremely important to keep a long-term view in mind. Command F can help to structure and take the lead in any international growth challenge your company faces. In order to keep your company healthy, we must strive to maximize your potential.