Fer Tummers

"Vision, team and results are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. A real leader needs all three."

Command F can help with consulting, coaching, training and interim management.

The key to successful project leadership

True leadership starts with personal leadership. Taking control and responsibility of your own actions and to lead by example; being able to align your actions with your beliefs, every day. Personal leadership, fulfilling your role as part of the project team and supporting others is the start of growing a winning team and achieve project success.

Successful leaders have strong soft skills

As project leader, your role is to lead your team, help it grow and deliver results. Successfully leading a project team requires above all soft skills. Project leadership is not just about content expertise but merely about being able to listen to others, to communicate clearly, and the ability to adapt your leadership style to what the individuals and situation require. Successful leaders have strong soft skills.

Vision, team and results

Our vision is visible in the Command F leadership model, which shows that a successful leader needs to combine 3 essential aspects that are mutually exclusive.

A leader needs character

Inspire and call to action

Martin Luther King jr.





Inspire and set a goal

John F. Kennedy

Patience and Perseverance

Mahatma Gandhi


von Moltke