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Soft skills zijn de succesfactoren in projecten

Nyenrode Business Universiteit: Masterclass Advanced Project Management

Soft skills zijn belangrijke succesfactoren van projecten. Als projectmanagers meer kennis en vaardigheden op dit gebied hebben, kunnen ze de kans op succes in toekomstige projecten enorm vergroten.

Bouwbedrijven hebben nog te weinig oog voor risicomanagement. 9 januari 2019

Gesprek in het kader van de Nyenrode Masterclass: Contract- en risicomanagement in de bouw.

Bouwers hebben nog te weinig aandacht voor risicomanagement en staan te weinig open voor het leren van fouten, en dat terwijl bouwprojecten groter en complexer worden en marges kleiner. Hoog tijd voor een cultuuromslag in de bouwwereld.

Achtergrond: een slecht contract is vaak nog te managen met een goede relatie; het omgekeerde echter niet.

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Do you pass the donkey test?

Fer Tummers

Leadership lessons from a hike with donkey 'Winter' through the Belgian forest, leading to the bottom line that the actions and words of a successful leader are always perfectly aligned and he or she leads by example.

‘Connect the dots’ like Steve Jobs

Fer Tummers

“We signed contracts for the sale of 2 ships and we lack capacity here, so 1 needs to be built elsewhere. Needless to say that it has to be completed within the agreed timeframe and budget and, as it will have our company logo, the quality should be first class. We have never done anything like this before, but this is your assignment, good luck”, and a 4-inch-thick binder (the contract) was slid across the table. It was end of June 2008 and I was still getting to know the company after joining that same month. My ‘assignment’ was clear: find a shipyard in China and subcontract-project manage-deliver that ship according specification and agreement. The company wants satisfied clients, naturally. I was excited as this was exactly the kind of challenge that I was looking for when I decided to join the company a couple of months earlier.